Behind the Lens — A Biography

Traveller. Artist. Adventurer. Innovator. Photographer.


Raised in small town Alberta, self-taught photographer Mitchell Sinclair’s passion for creating compelling imagery began as a child, and has blossomed into a life-long adventure. What was once a hobby has evolved into an insatiable desire to capture life’s most breathtaking moments using a sharp creative vision, and state of the art equipment.

Mitchell’s style can best be described as modern and contemporary, though these labels simply scratch the surface. Willing to tackle any challenge, no style, type, or facet of photography is off the table. His philosophy taking on new jobs can be summed up as the greater the challenge or more unique the project, the more memorable the results!

Calm, quirky, and approachable, Mitchell is a career Air Traffic Controller, his dream job as an avid aviation nerd. Freelancing in his down time, Mitchell has found a wonderful balance in life between a challenging and fulfilling career, and a creative outlet through his photography.