Innovative Photography Services


What can I do for you?

You probably came to this page expecting to find various types of shoots that I can tackle, along with pricing structure, and so on and so forth. Bleh. That’s not how things work here.

What sets me apart from the majority of the industry is that this isn’t my full time occupation, and as such I’m not in it to make money. What is important to me is that I enjoy the projects that I take on, and that my clients are absolutely stunned by the results.

In simple terms this allows me extreme flexibility to work within any budget, providing exceptional quality and professional results without crushing your bank account.

Here's how it works: click the button below to head over to the contact page, fill out the form with a little information about the project you have, and a little bit about yourself. I will review the submission and reach out to you as soon as I can. From there we can discuss specifics about timeline, expectations, and finally pricing that works within your budget. It’s that simple.